In 2017, Item Service provided machines for customers from many sectors of the economy.

The largest investments were investments in the field of palletizing and packaging with the use of industrial robots for the concrete, food and chemical industries.


Throughout 2017, our company has supplied 8 industrial robots of various sizes, including three with a lifting capacity of up to 750 kg and a three-axle plot with a lifting capacity of 1.5 tonnes.


Considering only robotization of the line, our company has made the following investments.

For the cement industry we have made a complete palletizing line (using the above-mentioned plotter) and depalletizing (using an industrial robot) concrete products.

Robotic station for painting concrete slabs in the stream (explosion-proof).

For the food industry consisting of three robotized positions, a line for packaging tea boxes into bulk packaging with a capacity of 17 cartons per minute

For the chemical industry, we made a product palletizing line using industrial robots with a lifting capacity of 750 kg.


In addition, our company has carried out a number of smaller projects for the food industry, for the card game industry, wood production, fire protection.


For the world’s leading producer of carbonated drinks, we have completed a comprehensive modernization in the field of machine safety on production lines, adapting the requirements in this area to the applicable standards.


In 2017, we also implemented a series of cardboard cartoners for various carton sizes and a bottle cap machine.


We encourage interested companies to contact us for detailed information about our investments and possible cooperation.