The modular packaging line consists of several integrated machines. They form part of packing stations and a set of feeders, creating a technological line for packing bottles into cartons.
The line consists of the following modules:

    Folder carton

It is a device for retrieving the carton from the warehouse and then for folding, forming and gluing

2. Separation feeder

The feeder separates the bottles into the number of rows set by the operator from the HMI panel and positions them so that the plotter can take them and put them in the box

3. Packing plotter

Equipped with a carton positioning system, bottles loaded from the distribution tray are inserted into the positioned carton

4. The lid of the carton lid

The taping machine has the task of closing the top of the cardboard with bumpers and a pneumatic mechanism, after closing the cardboard, the sizing head develops and cuts the wrapping tape.